Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Another round of cookies! Good thing I have a lot of friends and family that help me eat them or I'd be in trouble. Here is my latest batch. My favorite is the penguin- it's just adorable if I do say so.


  1. Those are amazing! You are very talented. Seriously you should open a bakery.
    Oh remeber that blog I showed you a while ago, http://designercakesbyapril.blogspot.com/ . Last week when I was trying to find a cocker spaniel puppy I was looking on the San Tan Mall directory and it looks like she's opening a store front.

  2. I would love to open a bakery! One day I will for sure! I'll pop by San Tan this week. I was just there and didn't see it but I wasn't looking for it. Maybe they need a cookie decorator! Wish you were here to make them with me! I'll send some with Curtis when he comes. I have your BDay present too!