Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rock Band Cookies

So my oldest son, Jacob is turning 14! I've been trying to stay as busy as I can so I don't think about my age and the fact that I now have a 14 year old. Soon he'll be driving. Of course, I can't wait to make cookies to celebrate that day but that's besides the point.

He loves to play the XBOX and Rock Band and Guitar Hero so I decided to make cookies using the symbols. Can't wait for the family to get here so they can see them before the boys eat them all.
Happy 14th Jake!


  1. Hey Laurel
    This is Kimberly! I came across your blog from Christa. I LOVE all of your cookies! You are so creative! They look too good to eat. I can't believe your oldest is 14- too crazy! We have a Jacob too but he's 19 months. I hope you and your family are doing well. We live in St. Johns but we will have to get together when we go to the Valley.
    Kimberly Farr (Christensen)

  2. Kim,
    It is so good to hear from you! It had been such a long time. Your family is absolutely adorable! Please call me next time you are in town. I would love to see you and your family! I'll bring cookies too. I have them coming out of my ears here! We have tons to catch up on.